About Us

The Paw Home project has been merely a dream for a while now and it has finally been turned into a reality solely off the funding of the owners.

The Paw Home is run by a passionate group of individuals who intend on providing happy and healthy homes for dogs that unfortunately are left homeless and hungry.

Why is it so important that we adopt and not shop for dogs?

Not only do you contribute to the fight against puppy mills, but you also get to save innocent lives. Adoption agencies often euthanize dogs that do not get adopted. You will change a homeless dog’s ENTIRE WORLD by just choosing to adopt and not shop.

Our mission, here at The Paw Home, is to ensure more get taken in by happy loving families. You can play your part in our project by purchasing any item from our Paw Jewelry line through our site!

Thank you very much for your overwhelming support and love. ♥